Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material, inhalation of the microscopic fibres may lead to chronic and possibly fatal health problems.

Are you planning to renovate or demolish a house built before 1990? If so, your house most likely contains asbestos — a highly dangerous and toxic material. To avoid exposure, you must : Have an experienced company inspect your home to determine where asbestos-containing materials are before you begin your renovations Have all identified materials removed by someone trained in asbestos removal
This inspired us to investigate safer techniques for removing damaged asbestos products and cleaning asbestos surfaces without contaminating workmen or the surrounding environment. Focus Asbestos Removal Services was established to specialize in the safe removal and treatment of all types of asbestos.

Dume Projects (PTY) Ltd is a certified asbestos handling company. With Certified SafeNet Africa Trained handlers, project management capabilities and logistics capability combine to position the company to take on a wide variety of asbestos and re-roofing projects. Industrial revamps typically include stripping asbestos sheets, refurbishing and repainting structural steelwork, supply and fitment of environmentally friendly insulation and the fitting of new roof covering