Preparing Your Home For Winter

The weather reports indicate that the first cold (and wet) front is on its way and scheduled to arrive this weekend. If you have been putting off essential winter projects - time to get these done... quickly.





We South Africans tend to be a laid back lot - leaving most maintenance projects to the last minute. Winter is on its way, according to the weather report, and it's time to make sure your home is ready for the onslaught. Here are a few essential winter maintenance projects you might want to think about tackling now:


Grab a stepladder or pop into the attic to see what's going on above your head. We tend to put off roof maintenance to the last minute because it's inconvenient, but inspecting the roof now will save you a lot of money if there are loose or broken roof tiles, rusty roofing nails, cracks in tar sheets, or even loose flashing.